Each day, an average of 22 veterans and members of the military take their own lives.

This Summer, Maluna is teaming up with veterans to help change that.

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Announcing our First Partnership

Maluna is very excited to announce our first partnership for the 22 campaign with The Fallen Outdoors. This is a perfect fit.

TFO is 100% volunteer driven. They bring together veterans from all branches of the military for hunting and fishing adventures. I would encourage you to read through some of their testimonials for a better understanding of what they are accomplishing. Whether it is figuring out how to gear up a physically disabled veteran for a hunt, or just getting outdoors to provide light into those veterans that have come from a dark place, TFO is doing very good work.

Brandon Tarron is a TFO Pro Staffer out of DFW and has been a member of the original Maluna Focus Group since before the Maluna Kickstarter last year. Thank you for your service, your volunteer efforts, and the introduction to The Fallen Outdoors.

The 22 Kickstarter campaign will feature a reward choice for an official special edition cooler with The Fallen Outdoors logo. All of the profits from these coolers will go directly to providing Maluna coolers to help their efforts. Check out and follow their Facebook page for more information.

The 22 campaign will also have other rewards available including a cooler that profits will provide coolers into various veteran organizations chosen by a veteran led committee within our Maluna Focus Group that is being formed.

Introducing the 22 Campaign

Maluna has been a project about co-creation.

Through our successful Kickstarter launch last year, Maluna has grown through and for the supporters behind us. One Malunatic had the awesome idea to make a 22 quart cooler and offer it for the benefit of our Military Veterans. Thank you Abraham. This is what is happening now.

Maluna will soon launch another Kickstarter campaign specifically for this purpose. In the future, after the Kickstarter 22, Maluna will continue to offer a Veteran version 22 for their benefit and will also have a standard Maluna 22 available.

I have decided that 100% of pledged funds into this Kickstarter 22 project will go to support the campaign, provide pledge rewards to backers, and provide coolers to worthy organizations that will use them to help our Veterans. This will be a completely voluntary effort on the part of myself and Maluna.

Schedule: Production tooling has been kicked off and I expect to have the first sample in early July. The entire month of July will be a strong marketing campaign to gain attention and gather supporters. July will be when we will need your help the most to spread the word. THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 1-31. Production and tooling needs to match the size of the campaign which is an unknown right now, but I expect first deliveries to start the first part of October.

Please share. Please participate. Please help. And be sure to include your email at MALUNA.COM/22CAMPAIGN to ensure that you will receive regular updates.


Scott Hoyt

P.S. Thank you to Geoff and Robin for your service, your advocacy, your vulnerability, your original Kickstarter support, and the friendship we have gained.