Somebody posted a graphic in here about life as an entrepreneur. It showed peaks and valleys of hope and doubt. Hope is great, but it does not work well for a strategy. I don’t doubt Maluna. But the #1 consistent is: hard work.

First, a shout out to Oscar Guzman for his hard work on the marketing graphics. A thank you to his whole family. He has two of the cutest kids (truly) and I just know that during his recent 20 hour workdays that he’s got part of his team sitting in his lap. Thank you thank you ?

We submitted Kickstarter on time on Monday according to our schedule. But they have requested some unexpected changes and we will not launch on time tonight. ? Pending approval, we will launch same time tomorrow (Thurs 2nd : 6p PST = 9p EST).

BUT – I WILL share our preview link here you can take a look at the project page that will go live after approval:

That includes our Kickstarter vidya that OG did such a great job on.

If you don’t have a Kickstarter account, great opportunity to sign up for free and you can review our project submission at that link. Right now, this shows our page as submitted and we will make the required changes.

Kickstarter is a great platform and good people. I appreciate them. Their house, their rules. They requested 2 changes.

1) Clarify the relationship with The Fallen Outdoors
2) Avoid any confusion with photorealistic renderings

Both are understandable and neither are a problem, but it does require new video work (OG’s world).

As I recall, we had similar confusion last year about whether or not the Maluna is actually a cooler?

Seriously though, please accept apologies for the delay, and know that nothing has changed, we just need a green light from KS.

We did receive just a couple days ago a photo of the very first only Combat 22 in existence (fresh out of oven) that is being shuttled around like the Stanley Cup between our mold engineers, QC teams, photographers, component engineers, etc. Counting the toes so to speak.

OG’s renderings were intended to present the military inspired colors rather than the sample that was made with provided material from our mold maker. OG – your good work with the rendering seems to have caused confusion. To move things along faster, making fake look faker will be faster than creating sample #2 with anticipated colors.

Along those lines… I am going to put in a ‘stretch goal’ you will see soon on the page that will unlock an opportunity to vote on a second set of military inspired colors as an option. Just need some scale to be able to order additional color resin. Think that happens at $250k funding. If we hit that, we will nominate and poll military color set #2 as an option.