The big goal and hurdle for me right now is to get production started. Getting purchase orders in place for new color resin and making some estimation of how much we will need and the probability of ‘unlocking’ a second color combo choice.

Production for rotomolded coolers takes time, they each spend about an hour in a large mold, plus several hours of additional¬† so I need to get things started and build the right balance of production estimates and tooling. We have just over 900 backers right now and I’m confident on the November deliveries for existing backers. I have closed out the November delivery rewards and created new December reward tiers. No differences, just to set expectations on deliveries.

Speaking of production, I have had a lot of questions about *WHY* a rotomolded cooler and *WHY* is Maluna of better construction than the others? See below for an introduction to the Maluna manufacturing that came to life from last year’s Kickstarter.

I should clarify (as I did in the FAQ), that the Combat 22s come with a standard drain plug. The Maluna thermometer drain plug does fit and is available as an accessory and is available at

Thanks! Scott